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New Balance980 champion disciples Tiger bee

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New balance 574 skor Just this June, we witness New Balance "champion disciple"--world champion Jenny Simpson and legendary combination of new balance Ambassador Mark Chao. After the tide of the RGB color of the new balance 574, New Balance to "trends, professional" idea of running blockbuster launched a new professional it trainers FRESH FOAM Tiger bee 980. In the hectic urban life, running has become a trend. Many people think that as long as running, running shoes enough to even know how to run. In fact, the real trend is upon a professional. Professional runner can be more durable, healthier running.New balance skor Master Professional can avoid urban jogging jogging tips that might have been hurt, make you more confident, more comfortable. World Championships 1500 m champion, United States well-known running--Jenny Simpson professional skill and dedication of athletes running spirit infects numerous jogging enthusiast. He is the New Balance "champion disciple" mentor's best candidates. Jenny Simpson Asia's first disciple of Zhao Ting, representing many cities started runners, running is desperate for knowledge and skill to guide their heights. New Balance "champion disciple" spirit of jogging their continuation and continuation. New balance skor discount FRESH FOAM Tiger bee 980 series-what are the characteristics of running shoes? 1, which uses FRESH FOAM midsole for cushioning technology, to provide runners with soft and comfortable foot feeling and 360 ° all-round protection. Innovative honeycomb design is the new balance sports data integration reflects, through computer analysis of runners in motion, feet in different parts of the data compression level for specific designs to enhance cushioning and stability. 2, aimed at entry-level runners sport needs forefoot honeycomb structure with convex shapes, starting support well, then Palm with concave shape, better cushioning ability, maximum decreases stress on knees and arches of the running process. Design of man-machine combination also brings 360 ° Omni-directional fitting feel. New Balance is committed to running enthusiasts and professionals who provide excellent products, each shoe designers are condensed with the hard sweat. The arrival of the summer,New balance 996 skor so many girls loves running to a juddering halt, put on this wonderful pair of running shoes, you will encounter different selves. After your run, you can also pick the newest Sandals ladies to experience the wonders of this summer. Why not do it!







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