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Cristiano Ronaldo: I don't want to fake it never thought this Po

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Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo said in an interview with, Portugal team is a relatively average strength of the team, he never thought would lead the team to win the World Cup. Reports say, despite Ronaldo's assist to avoid a last-minute team was eliminated early, but the Portugal team if they want to qualify, but also to Germany and the United States face. In the case of four key players out, Portugal draw with tough United States team, Ronaldo after the game that doesn't have the title of the team strength. nike skor "Maybe we are a mediocre team," he said, "we are not a top team. Our team there is a short Board, and Pepe and coentrao's wounds in the body. This gives us a lot of trouble. We have limited number of players to play, and it was not in great shape now, we have been able to beat the top teams. ” "The miracle is hard to happen. We knew this group would be tough, there is strength in our team. I never thought we could win the World Championship, we should be humble enough, also want to know. I don't want to fake it, I never thought we would win the Championship. ” For his injury, Ronaldo said: "I do not want too much emphasis on their own physical condition, it is unable to change things. I'm running on the pitch, I try to fight for the team, it is clear that endless discussion is pointless. My knee injury is changing everyday, now I can't be sure, I come here is dedicated to help the team. ”puma skor Ronaldo admitted United States team matches, Portugal players looked very tired. He believes that under the hot and humid climate of the Amazon is normal to feel tired, but European races is not an excuse, because there are many other players also took part in the Champions League and domestic League and Cup. He said: "I don't think the team was not because of the lack of desire to win the game. Each team is here to win. We know we are not favourites, but can't give up balance skor







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